Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Stress!

As the festive season sneaks up on us yet again, we re-address the stress. 

So many people suffer the stress of the season, forgetting the joy. 
Come into our office and join us in identifying some of the Emotional, Chemical and Physical stressors of the season.  Once we determine those stressors we can figure out the best way to cope.  A chiropractic adjustment reduces stress on the nervous system, allowing us to function optimally, letting us better cope with all stressors.  By eliminating a subluxation of the vertebrae, we provide the nervous system with uninterrupted communication to every cell in our body.
As you celebrate with your loved ones, remember to breathe, enjoy the simple things and don't worry if you forgot to get batteries for that toy.  Don't panic if the new cookie recipe failed, there are great places to get desserts.  Save yourself for the fun and excitement of the season.

Our January Power Hour topic is "The Mind Body Connection"  Come out and hear more on how to reduce stress and cope with the stressors we all have. Monday, January 23rd at 7 pm College of the Rockies Fernie Campus.  Stay tuned for more information.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr. Gentempo explains chiropractic.

  These are some of the many diagnostic tools we use at our office.  Call for more information or email us.  We can do a spinal check and let you know what is going on with your nervous system.  Lets keep you healthy so you don't have to become a stat in the "sick care" system.