Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Postitive Affirmations

By Jeremy Winters

If you've been told that positive affirmations can easily change your life for the better, you are most likely really intrigued by the possibilities that exist. It is possible to use the power of the law of attraction to bring much more money to yourself. It is possible to utilize it to help attract love, and you can use it to broaden your knowledge of the way the universe functions to a level you may have never believed imaginable. Listed here are a number of ideas for putting the law of attraction to use within your personal life.

The Power of Intention

Intention is a powerful tool for creating the best life possible for yourself as well as the ones you love. If you have previously utilized heartfelt prayer to ask for what you require or even find peace, then you have used the power of intention. If you combine emotion, intent, and belief, you place yourself in a position to obtain all the great things life has in store for you.

Positive Affirmations Combine With Intention To Manifest Change

No matter whatever you desire, it is crucial that you frame your affirmations in a fully positive way, to ensure that you'll be able to make the intentions as powerful as possible. Simply by doing this, you open up yourself to the prosperity of the universe. With the power of intention blended with the affirmations you choose, you actually can manifest all kinds of improvements in your life.

It's important to realize that everything exists in some form. The cash you need is available. The ideal person you wish you could potentially spend your whole life with is around, just waiting to meet you. The particular tools you will need for learning really exist, and so do the individuals you should meet. If you stop to consider this, it makes the concept of absence appear utterly preposterous.

To be able to make use of affirmations correctly, it is crucial to know what you need. Spend a bit of time thinking about your needs and focus on framing your affirmative statements in a manner that will be the most effective. Do not use any negating statements that speak about what you do not wish to have. Think and speak in totally positive terms.

As soon as you've framed the affirmative assertion, it is time for you to put it into action. Think, feel, and communicate your intention. Listed below are several of the best approaches to accomplish this:

"All the good in the universe is mine."

"I have all that I need, and I'm completely grateful for all I have."

"I am much more happy than I've ever been, particularly now that (fill in your want here.)"

When you make use of the positive affirmations that you come up with, see yourself taking pleasure in whatever it is that you need. Really feel yourself enjoying what you have, and believe it is on its way to you. Quickly enough, you will see changes large and small making their way into your life.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini on Dr. Phil

A new exposure for the value of Chiropractic.

 Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is the President of Parker College in Dallas Texas.  He brings to national television the importance of the whole body and chiropractic.  Great exposure for our profession.  Education is the key.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Trusting in the bodies wisdom is critical, yet so much so what society is not teaching people....inflammation, pain, fever, stiffness are all perceived as the enemy or bad things – when really it is the beautiful expression of Innate Intelligence at work.  It is just so much better if we stand clear and allow Innate to do it’s thing!!

12:26pm Mar 3

Neck pain, sore muscles, inflammation, swelling, stiff neck, possible headache and radiculopathy.

1- Medical approach: Xrays, MRI, CAT scan pain killer, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant. Cervical collar to immobilize the neck that has been loosen up by the drugs and to prevent movement that are now possible due to the lack of pain. EXPENSIVE and EGO DRIVEN. I AM FIXING YOU.

2- Natural therapeutic approach: XRAYS, MRI, heat, ice, electric stim, mobilization, manipulation, cervical traction, cervical collar. Still EXPENSIVE and EGO DRIVEN. I AM FIXING YOU NATURALLY or is it un-naturally?

Both 1 and 2 seek to suppress the symptoms and are lacking understanding of the Innate Intelligent response of the body which is:
a- Pain to prevent movement and further damage to the injured tissues
b- Sore muscle because of spain-strain muscle fibers
c- Inflammation to control bacteria population which are present to eat dead, torn tissues
d- Swelling to dilute the toxicity of endo-toxins release from within cells that have been torn open. Inner cellular chemicals are toxic to surrounding tissues. Their concentration must be diluted with water and intersticial fluids.
e- Stiff neck to "cast" the neck and provide a free cervical collar

3- Chiropractic subluxation centered approach: Leave the neck alone which is screaming: "don't touch me" Adjust and clear the rest of the neuro-spinal system. Explain the purpose of the pain, swelling, inflammation. Give time for the body to heal with the natural free cervical collar. Keep checking regularly for subluxation and clear when needed. When the cervical spine is finally "open" to adjust, adjust if subluxation is present. VERY AFFORDABLE and RESPECTFUL of the BODY'S INNATE INTELLIGENCE.