Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chiropractic BioPhysics

Chiropractic BioPhysics®, or CBP®, is, in short, a higher level of chiropractic. It is a more knowledgeable, comprehensive, systematic, scientific approach to chiropractic, that provides predictable results for patients and will contribute to building a more stable and successful chiropractic practice. Support for this claim includes a considerable amount of data from research, the experience of numerous flourishing CBP® practitioners, and the longevity of the approach. CBP® combines standard chiropractic joint adjustments with mirror image® (opposite position) postural adjustments, mirror image® spinal/postural exercise, and mirror-image® traction to provide more permanent relief and improved health for patients through spine and postural correction.  See for more information.

Dr. Mike Rumpel continues to learn as he participates in CBP training.  This speciality takes two years to complete and is done in stages.  On November 11-15th Dr. Mike will be in Toronto completing level three, learning more to serve his clients better.

Elk Valley Family Chiropractic, Inc.
831 7th Ave. Fernie, BC

Vision Planning Day

Kari Fowler, working hard.
Dr. Mike outlining our Plan of Action.

Dr. Mike's swing!
We are always planning and thinking ahead.  In the beginning of September we met at the Fernie Golf and Country club for some serious planning, really, we were serious!  After sweating through our Vision for Elk Valley Family Chiropractic, we attempted to golf.  Some of us can actually golf, others, well, lets just say, some can drive that grass mighty far!

Stay tuned for future announcements about our Visionary plans... including our renovations!
Elk Valley Family Chiropractic, Inc.
831 7th Ave. Fernie, BC

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Client Appreciation Week

October 12 - 14 2010 was our Client Appreciation Week at Elk Valley Family Chiropractic.  We value and appreciate all our clients and want them to know it!  By creating a healthy community, we can enjoy our family, friends and so many more activities.
This is our Gratitude Tree.
We asked all our clients to write on a leaf anything they are grateful for.  Some clients had such a long list they used many leaves, or put a lot of information on one leaf.  Sadly, there are some people who have never thought of things that way.  We tend to forget to think of good things that happened in a day, from simple things like coming home to dinner made, or finding a five dollar bill in your pants pocket.  We should pause and reflect on all the good in our lives.

Our Client Appreciation Week always includes food, good quality food thanks to Cincott Organic Cafe, conveniently located two doors down.  Cindy and Scott work hard to produce organic food and run an organic market.  They are one of only 3 certified organic restaurants in BC. Check them out at or find them on Face Book.

We had 3 prizes to be won.  Blair Crosby at Kinesis was generous to donate an initial consultation
An exercise program is tailored for you that provides many levels of functional training. With an assessment, imbalances and deficits in the body are identified and exercises prescribed that include:
  • Stretching
  • Core function
  • Resistance training
  • Energy building
Check out Kinesis at

A one hour massage by Cori Watson.  She is new to massage, but not new to Fernie.  Watch her practice grow.
And we can't forget a movie night at the Vogue Theatre.  Movie for 2 with popcorn and drinks. always an enjoyable evening.

The Winners are:
Isabel Craig - Kineses
Lorraine Hetherington - Massage
Carissa Hart - Movie Night

Elk Valley Family Chiropractic, Inc.
831 7th Ave. Fernie, BC

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

We have entered the internet world.  You are welcome to follow us on Twitter, Face Book, Linkedin and this blog.  We want to reach more people and explain why Chiropractic is so important!

You can contact us anytime at 250-423-3003
We are ready to answer any of your questions.