Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas with Chiropractors with Compassion

Yes, the Christmas season is just around the corner!  I love the holiday season because to me it represents promise, love, giving and family.  Generally speaking it’s also the time of year we see people reach out to the needy and less fortunate.  For the last few years we have done the same by offering the Christmas Gift of Health.  This outreach has always been very important because we feel blessed to be given the ability and opportunity to help people with their health and change their lives for the better.  However, to be completely honest, there is so much more work to be done.  Many people in our community are lost, sick and suffering when it comes to their health and happiness and many are losing hope and vision for their future. 

Our office has been a proud partner with Chiropractors with Compassion (CWC) for over 6 years.  CWC funds holistic child-centered projects in third world nations, focusing on developing the child to empower them to escape impoverishment.  As some of you know, I travelled on a CWC mission trip to Kenya in 2011.  In Africa, I personally got to experience horrifying poverty on a level that is indescribable; this was balanced by the hope and joy of seeing the schools and water treatment facilities that CWC is building that are allowing kids to escape the cycle of poverty.  By helping one person at a time locally, each CWC partner is also changing and saving lives globally.  CWC partners commit to donating $20 for every new patient that comes into their office.  Amazingly within 7 years, CWC has funded over $2.3 million in projects in Africa, Central America and more prominently now in the Dominican Republic.

So, I am asking for your help.

I’d like to see this become the biggest and best Christmas outreach ever! Not only to help lots of people in our community heal and regain better health, but also to make a big contribution to CWC projects that change and save lives of children in third world countries!  We simply wish to have lots of people give and receive the free gift!

 How the Christmas Gift of Health works

Starting in late November we will distribute Gift Lists to all of our clients. The Gift of Health you are giving is free for you to give, and it’s worth up to $325 of FREE CHIROPRACTIC CARE
including an initial visit, spinal examination, x-rays and 6 complimentary adjustments.  Simply write the names and phone numbers of the people you would like to offer the Gift to and we will mail them a Christmas card explaining the gift you are giving them.  We will follow up with them without any pressure or obligation to see if they would like to redeem the gift.  This is an amazing opportunity to let people know you care and give them a chance to see how chiropractic can help them.
– it’s a Win-Win-Win situation; you get to give a gift at no charge, more people get checked, and more kids escape poverty!!!


We are personally asking each and every one of you to consider sending 3 Gifts of Health to a family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance that you genuinely believe needs help or who would greatly benefit by receiving chiropractic care.  Please consider those who you know who are especially sick and suffering, who have lost hope; we would love to help them restore true health from the inside-out, the way they were designed.



Thank you and we wish you many blessings and good health this holiday season. 

Dr. Mike, Karen & Sheryl