Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Future Dr. Shaun Maher, DC

How and Why I Chose Chiropractic
 This is Shaun's account of the whole process of becoming a Chiropractic Student and a future Doctor of Chiropractic.I’ve recently realized why I didn’t apply for chiropractic school sooner.  It’s because, even though I thought I knew, I actually had no idea what chiropractic was about.  And this is the case for most people.  
After finishing my BSc in kinesiology I was sure I wanted to do something that involved helping people.  I just didn’t know what.  I liked kines because it was broad and would prepare me for any job or further education I believed I was interested in.  After graduating I just wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted but knew I would enjoy living in the mountains and skiing.  I was right about that.  However five years later, having not applied anything I learned in a constructive way,  I was unfulfilled.  Life was not turning out as I thought it would.  It was time to make a change.

In researching career and education opportunities chiropractic was always a top consideration.
The concern I had was the limited scope I thought chiropractic had helping only people with sore necks and sore backs.  Even so, I really wanted a change and the appeal was strong enough that I would begin the application process.

I applied initially in 2009 in all honesty very ignorant to chiropractic.  It was somewhat of a surprise when I was granted an interview.  However due to my lack of experience and knowledge about chiropractic I was not accepted.

Throughout the application process in 2009, I learned a great deal about chiropractic.  Even more so, since June, 2010, when I began working at Elk Valley Family Chiropractic with three remarkable people:  Dr Mike Rumpel, DC; Karen, CA; and Nicole, CA.  It was awesome how much they enjoyed their work and how positive the atmosphere was in the office.  On a daily basis I experienced the potential chiropractic has to improve lives.  It a has confirmed my desire to become a chiropractor and my commitment to chiropractic.

I began to understand that chiropractic was not about fixing sore backs and necks.  The chiropractic adjustment is about removing nerve interference allowing the body’s innate intelligence to work at its full potential.  Adjusting subluxations will positively impact all aspects of your health.  Chiropractic is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

The interview itself is painless to get through if you are prepared.  I admit I was more anxious the second time around only because I had placed higher expectations on myself (and of course felt that more people also had expectations of me).  This being said I was also more confident because I was more prepared.  

The interview for BC applicants was in Vancouver.  This was a great opportunity for me to visit my brother, who is a Chartered Account there and ski Whistler for my first time.  This may have helped me to go into the interview nice and relaxed and positive.  I would recommend this approach to any interview or important meeting.
At the end of the day, I want to feel that I helped people and that I made a difference.  Serving my community as a Chiropractor and delivering the chiropractic message will undoubtedly help me do this.  I have personally observed how chiropractic can transform people’s lives; helping them be pain-free, healthy and live wellness lifestyles.  Chiropractic has encouraged me to live to my optimum potential.     

As you can see, Shaun will make a great Chiropractor, helping more people to live a better life!